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Hungarian Fascisti Plan March on Budapest to Overthrow Government, London Despatches Say

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Hungary is now on the eve of a governmental upheaval on the part of the Monarchistic elements, according to despatches from Budapest to the “Laily Express” here.

The reactionary elements are conducting propaganda to impress the public mind with the existence of the imminent danger of a socialist and communist upheaval. The intention of these elements to intimidate the government by great demonstrations which are to take place on March 9th against the possibility of concesions to the Liberal elements has been announced. The Hungarian monarchists, including the Awakening Magyars, the group of General Hejjas, and the Goemboes group, plan to emulate Mussolini’s march on Rome for the purpose of putting a Fascisti government in power.

The march on Budapest is to have for its purpose the surrounding of the Parliament and the overthrowal of the government.

The Left groups are also said to be organizing demonstrations for March 9th.