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Demand Government Subsidies for Jewish Schools and Religious Institutions in Poland

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The demand that the Polish government make the proper allotment for support of Hebrew make the proper allotment for support of Hebrew and Yiddish schools, as well as a subsidy for Jewish religious institutions in Poland was made by Deputy Wygodsky at yesterday’s meeting of the Budget Committee of the Polish Sejm. Only seven per cent of the Jewish children are in the Polish state schools, while 200,000 Jewish children attend the Hebrew and Yiddish schools which were, until now, maintained by private Jewish societies.

Deputy Wygodsky demanded that the amount of 12,000,000 Zlotys be granted for the support of these schools.

A subsidy of 800,000 Zlotys for the Jewish religious institutions was also demanded by Deputy Wygodsky.