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Proposal to Establish Separate Cemeteries for Jewish Communists Discussed

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

A proposal to establish separate cemeteries for the burial of Jewish Communists in towns with a Jewish population, in Soviet Russia, is now being discussed by the Yiddish Communist press in Russia.

The question was raised by the Jewish Communist Sholom Levin, in the press. He complains that in the burial of Jewish Communists difficulties are encountered with the Jewish cemetery administrations. In the City of Homel a Jewish Communist who recently died was brought to the cemetery in the coffin. The Chevra Kadisha, the Jewish burial association, refused to inter the body until it was removed from the coffin, and dressed, according to Jewish ceremonial, in Tachrichim, he reports. In another instance, a two-year old son of a Jewish Communist died. When the body of the boy was brought for burial the officers of the Chevra Kadisha refused to inter the body because the boy had not been circumcised, and permission for burial was withheld until the boy had been circumcised, he further complains.