League to Raise $10,000,000 Loan for Bulgarian Refugees, is Report
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League to Raise $10,000,000 Loan for Bulgarian Refugees, is Report

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

A ten million dollar loan to help Bulgarian refugees settle on the land will be raised by the League of Nations, according to reports received here by the State Department.

The recommendation to raise the loan was made by the League of Nations Financial Committee and its purpose will be to alleviate the situation of 120,000 Bulgarian refugees who were made homeless and landless by the inter-exchange of population in the Balkan countries since the war. The loan will be secured by certain revenues of the Bulgarian government.

The League has previously given financial assistance to the Greek refugees and to American refugees through the Commission of Dr. Nansen.

This action of the League is of considerable interest to Jews in view of the requests presented to the League that some steps be taken by this body to help the situation of Jewish refugees.

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