Jewish Democratic Party to Be Formed in Poland
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Jewish Democratic Party to Be Formed in Poland

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The establishment of a Jewish democratic party, the nucleus of which exists in the district of Vilna, now appears as a strong possibility in the development of Jewish party life in Poland.

This step is a result of friction which arose within the ranks of the Volkspartei, extreme nationalist party advocating cultural autonomy for the Jews in Poland and the recognition of Yiddish as the national language of the Jewish population. Noah Prylutzki, Warsaw attorney elected to the Sejm for the second term as a representative of the party and leader of the party until now. was the center of the storm which developed. As a result of the friction. Prylutzki dismissed the old executive and created an executive of his own. The old executive called a party council to consider the situation and took steps toward the establishment of a democratic party which would absorb the elements grouped around the Volkspartei. The new democratic party will be led by Dr. Schabad of Vilna.

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