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Anti-semitic Party in Roumania Splits, Long Predicted Break in Christian League Occurs

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The long predicted split within the Christian League of Roumania, the Roumanian anti-Semitic party, came about at the congress of the Cuzists concluded in Jassy yesterday.

Fifty-two leading anti-Semites, chairmen and vice-chairmen of the League’s branches, participated in the congress which witnessed a fight between Alexander Cuza and Professor Zelea Codrianu. Cuza was reelected president of the League and was given a vote of confidence by the congress. Another resolution adopted by the congress is directed against the Fascisti and the national minorities in Roumania. Professor Codrianu was expelled from the party for his opposition to Cuza.

It was announced today that Codrianu called a congress of his adherents, which will be held in Bucharest on September 19.

While Cuza draws his support mainly from among the deputies, the students are followers of Codrianu. No students were admitted to the Jassy congress.