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American Jews Should Not “kow Tow” to Roumanian Queen, Chicago Judge Says

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

Queen Marie, as head of a “government of bigotry, intolerance and persecution” should not be “kow-towed” to by Americans, was the rebuke of Superior Judge Joseph B. David, who today made public a letter refusing to serve on the Committee of the United Roumanian Jews of Illinois to receive the Queen. The organization has arranged to receive the queen here at the First Roumanian Congregation, Douglas Boulevard and Millard Avenue.

A large committee of Jews was sought to welcome the queen. Judge David’s terse comment was the first inkling of possible difficulty.

“I have yours of the 5th instance,” Judge David wrote to Mark Weissler, Secretary of the Organization, “inviting me as a member of the reception committee of the United Roumanian Jews of Illinois to receive the queen of Roumania, and in reply will state, I most respectfully decline to accept your invitation, given, no doubt, in good faith.

“My declination is justified by the following: In view of the treatment of the Jews by the government of Roumania, a government of bigotry, intolerance and persecution, and in view of the further fact that, as an American citizen, I pay no deference to a crowned head of any country, and am in thorough accord with the resolutions passed recently by the American Federation of Labor regarding the visit of this royal person, and the obeisance and kow-towing of alleged Americans, I refuse to accept any invitation to receive this royal lady.”