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50,000 Clergymen to Be Enlisted in Christian Fund for Jewish Relief

Active steps to enlist 50,000 Protestant and Catholic clergy in the work of the American Christian Fund for Jewish Relief were taken today, a statement by Arthur E. Hungerford declared.

The movement is sponsored by the American Christian Fund for Jewish Relief, of which Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, President of the Federal Council of Churches, and Judge Victor J. Dowling, a representative Roman Catholic layman, are joint chairmen. Archbishop Hayes of New York has approved the fund. Owen D. Young, an authority on economics, who was associated with Vice-President Dawes in working out the Dawes Plan, and George MacDonald are vice-chairmen.

Pointing out that one-third of the Jewish population of the world is in desperate distress, and that in some parts of Europe the death rate among Jewish babies is almost 100 per cent, the call to the clergy urges all Christians to aid.