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Christian Mass Meeting for Jewish Relief to Be Held in Cathedral

A mass meeting of the American Christian Committee for Jewish Relief will be held Sunday evening at eight o’clock in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine to open a campaign for funds for the relief of Jews in Eastern Europe.

The meeting is at the invitation of Bishop William T. Manning, who expressed great interest in the work, and will be the first meeting in the cathedral in behalf of the Jewish people.

The speakers will be Bishop Manning, for the Episcopalians; the Rev. Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, president of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, for the Evangelical; Major General John F. O’Ryan, former commander of the Twenty-seventh Division, for the Catholics, and Louis Marshall, for the Jews.

“I am especially glad,” said Bishop Manning in issuing the invitation, “for this meeting to be held in the cathedral in behalf of the suffering Jews of Eastern Europe. It is the first time that a meeting in behalf of the Jewish people has been held in the cathedral and the cause is one which should appeal to all generous-hearted people of whatever religion.”

Dr. Cadman said the work of the Christian Committee for Jewish Relief was one of the most important now being undertaken in the United States.