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League Cannot Consider Polish Jewish Protest at Roumanian Excesses

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The telegram of protest against the anti-Jewish excesses in Roumania directed to the League of Nations by the Club of Jewish Deputies was acknowledged by Eric Colban, director of the National Minorities Department of the League of Nations.

Mr. Colban pointed out, however, that in view of the fact that the telegram of the Club was couched too sharply, the League of Nations finds it impossible to consider the petition of the Club of Jewish Deputies.

The praesidium of the Club of Jewish Deputies replied that the telegram is not a petition of the Club, but a call of protest and that the sharp tone of the telegram corresponds with the indignation of the Jewish population in Poland over the suffering of Roumanian Jews. The Club hopes that the League of Nations will not remain indifferent to the suffering of Roumanian Jews, the praesidium declared.

The telegram of the Club of Jewish Deputies protesting to the League of Nations read, as reported by cable : “We protest strongly against the persecutions directed against the Jewish minority in Roumania. The Roumanian government should know that a people whose professors and students are pogromists cannot find a place among the civilized peoples of the world.”