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Polish Foreign Office Replies to Lucien Wolf

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency Mail Service)

At a recent meeting of the Jewish Board of Deputies in London, Mr. Lucien Wolf reported that the Polish Foreign Minister, M. Zaleski, had not replied to him as he had promised to do, regarding the question of denationalized citizens in Poland.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency here is informed by the Foreign Ministry that M. Zaleski received two inquiries from Mr. Lucien Wolf, with regard to the Numerus Clausus question and the question of the denationalized citizens. M. Zaleski, the Foreign Ministry states, has already replied to Mr. Wolf that the question of the denationalized citizens has been settled by the Circular which was issued recently regulating the question of citizenship, and that the Numerus Clausus question has been settled by the withdrawal of the Circular issued by the one-time Minister of Education, Professor Glombinski, on the authority of which the Universities were able to enforce a Numerus Clausus against Jewish students.