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Improvement in Artisans’ and Workers’ Position in Proskurov District

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

A slight improvement in the economic condition of the Jewish workers and artisans in the district of Proskurov was reported at the conference of the Jewish soviets of that district now in session there.

The district includes 19 townships with a population of 32,000 Jews and 18,000 Jews in the smaller towns.

The conference considered the various problems of the population, the Jewish schools and the Yiddish courts. According to a report on the economic condition of the population, it appears that 2,842 workers are employed in factories, 5,000 are artisans, 1,050 are unskilled laborers, 1,700 are shopkeepers and 15,000 are without specific occupations. The number of shopkeepers is diminishing rapidly, causing a difficult situation in their ranks. Sixty per cent of the Jewish youth in the townships of the district are without a trade.