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Lithuanian Premier Negotiates for Support of National Minorities

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

An attempt to win the support of the deputies representing the national minorities in the Lithuanian parliament was made by Premier Valdemaras prior to the third reading of the government budget.

In negotiations with the leaders of the clubs of the Jewish, German and Polish deputies, the Premier declared that he always defended the rights of the national minorities in Lithuania and that it was he who signed the Paris declaration to the League of Nations on behalf of Lithuania, guaranteeing the protection of the national minorities. The Premier declared solemnly that he has not changed his opinion. The rights of the national minorities in Lithuania will be safeguarded by special laws independent of the attitude of the minorities toward the government, he said.

The national minorities deputies refrained from voting on the budget. Deputy Robinson, leader of the Jewish Club, stated that the Jewish deputies refrained from voting because of lack of information as to the future course of the government policy.