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News Brief

A testimony to the value of the “Jewish Daily Bulletin,” its importance in stimulating Jewish thought, is given by the Review of the Society for the Advancement of Jewish Education in the issue of January 14. The publication reproduces a part of an address delivered by Dr. Mordecai A. Kaplan, well known Jewish scholar and leader of the Society. In his address Dr. Kaplan said, of the “Jewish Daily Bulletin”:

“By keeping in touch with the Jewish current events and opinions throughout the world, every Jew is brought into close contact with his people. A periodical like the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin’ is indispensable to living and thinking as a Jew. By daily reading of what is going on in Jewish life, we acquire a keen sensitiveness for everything Jewish. We learn to share the joys and sorrows of our brothers in every country on the face of this earth, and acquire an enlightened sense of Jewish duty. Ignorance of the Jewish present is just as baneful and disruptive as ignorance of the Jewish past.”