New Excesses Against Jews Reported in Many Roumanian Villages
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New Excesses Against Jews Reported in Many Roumanian Villages

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

New anti-Jewish attacks are reported from a number of Bessarabian villages by the “Dimineatza”, a Roumanian newspaper. The excesses occurred in the villages, Morezeni, Tabara and Vatizi, where hooligans attacked the Jewish population. Many Jews were injured. A mob of peasants and Cuzists were partly dispersed. The chief of police promised to restore order.

The All-Roumanian Zionist Convention, which was to have taken place yesterday in Buzeu was prohibited on the ground that there is a danger of anti-Semitic excesses. A request that the Convention be permitted to be held in Bucharest was rejected by the authorities. Dr. Jacobsen, Zionist leader, is in Roumania to attend the convention.

An anti-Jewish pogrom on a large scale in the town of Skuleni was averted by the eleventh hour intervention of the military authorities.

A mob of peasants from the neighboring villages marched on the town, causing great panic among the Jewish population. A military detachment dispersed the crowd. The anti-Semitic agitator,Vasil, was arrested.