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Johnson Changes His Mind on Relief Measure for Separated Families

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

No relief for the separated families of declarants was in sight when the House Immigration Committee held another hearing yesterday on the proposed amendments to the immigration law.

No definite decision was reached at the meeting, notwithstanding the fact that the proposals were further discussed. It is understood that Congressman Dickstein, who is a member of the Committee, had agreed to support the substitute amendment proposed by Chairman Johnson, according to which parents of American citizens who are now in the preference class within the quota were to be admitted as non-quota immigrants and the wives and minor children of declarants would be given preference within the quota, a provision which would, it was calculated, permit the entry of about 20,000 relatives of declarants. Although this substitute falls far short of bringing the necessary relief to the separated families, it was felt by Congressman Dickstein and Congressman Sabath that in view of the present situation in Congress, the support of this substitute would secure at least a minimum of relief as there is no chance of obtaining any other form of relief legislation at this session.

It is stated, however, that Chairman Johnson changed his attitude at yesterday’s meeting and declared that he wishes to restinct his original proposal. The change would consist in omitting the provision that parents of American citizens who are now in the preference class be exempt from the quota. Congressman Dickstein opposed this change, urging Chairman Johnson to adhere to his original proposal. The House Committee will meet again tomorrow when the discussion on this matter will be continued.

Following the meeting yesterday. Congressman Dickstein declared that if no action is taken soon he will make an appeal from the floor of the House.