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Further Progress on Third Wall Excavations Confirms Descriptions of Josephus

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The Tower of Women, described by Josephus Flavius, was unearthed during the excavations of the Third Wall being conducted by the Jewish Exploration Society.

The excavations confirmed several of the descriptions given by Josephus.

Near the American School of Archaeology, where the northeast corner of the third wall was identified, a large rock scarp twenty-two feet deep and facing west was laid bare on the side flanking the gateway near the tower, which has been identified with the Tower of Women.

Further excavations uncovered two courses of masonry, the lower course being of finely dressed and characteristic Herodian masonry and the upper consisting of huge blocks roughly finished. This conforms with Josephus’ description that the Wall was begun by King Agrippa in elaborate style but was stopped by the Emperor Claudius, and the wall hurriedly finished immediately after the outbreak of the Jewish revolt against the Romans in the year 66 of the Christian era.