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Protestant Missionaries Meet in International Conference in Budapest

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

A world conference of Protestant missionary societies, with the participation of American representatives, was opened here last Thursday.

The conference, which is being held under the auspices of “The International Missionary Council” is to consider questions pertaining to “Christian relations with Jews.” In reality, it is a council of missionary workers to seek new methods of spreading missionary propaganda among Jews. It was stated that the purpose of the conference is to bring about a radical departure in the policy of the Protestant churches toward their missionary work among the Jews.

A second conference of the same nature will be held in Warsaw after Easter. The head of the International Missionary Council is Dr. John R. Mott of New York City.

When the announcement was made concerning the holding of the two conferences of Protestant missionary workers, and it was learned that it is probable that the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America would be represented, the Central Conference of American Rabbis at its annual session in October addressed an appeal to Alfred William Anthony of New York, Chairman of the Joint Commission on Good Will Between Jews and Christians. The appeal urged Christian leaders to refrain from missionary activities among the Jewish people.

The Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Federal Council of Churches are bound by a joint agreement made prior to the formation of the Joint Commission on Good Will, which represents both organizations.

Article 2 of this agreement provides: “Because of our mutual respect for the integrity of each other’s religion and our desire that each faith shall enjoy the fullest opportunity for its development and enrichment, these committees have no proselytizing purpose.”