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Roumanian Peasants Party Concludes an Agreement with Jewish Leaders in Transylvania

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

A rapprochement between Jewish circles and Roumanian political parties, which may result in the pacification of the country, is in sight as a result of negotiations now being carried on on the eve of the forthcoming parliamentary elections ordered by the new government.

It was learned that the Jewish national party of Transyivania has concluded an agreement with Dr. Lupis, member of the Stirbey cabinet and leader of the Tzaranists, the Roumanian National Peasants Party.

Under the terms of the agreement concluded, the Tzaranist party guarantees to support the demand of the Jewish leaders for the rights of Jewish schools, to combat the anti-Semitic movement and to support Jewish candidates for election to the Chamber. Dr. Joseph Fischer is to be the candidate of the Jewish National Party for the Senate and Dr. Edward Fischer for parliament.

In a manifesto issued by the Tzaranist party, it assures the Jewish population of its desire to bring about peaceful cooperation of all persons, irrespective of race and religion. The manifesto also guarantees “the free and unhampered development of national culture” of the minorities and to “further their collective interests.” Kehillabs throughout the Kingdom of Roumania, to support the demand of the Jewish leaders that Jewish schools be granted public rights, that the government make allotments to subsidize the Kehillahs and the schools and that the party will combat the anti-Semitic movement.

Under the agreement, the Union of Roumanian Jews will be given five seats in the Chamber and two in the Senate.