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Palestine Government Warns Population Against Fear of Quake Recurrence.

An official report from the Palestine Government received by the Colonial Office states that the number of persons killed in Palestine is 200, the number seriously injured, 356, and that 375 were slightly injured. The survey, which has as yet not been completed, shows that 1,000 houses were severely damaged, the official report states.

Little damage was suffered by Government buildings. Buildings of antiquarian interest have escaped lightly. The gravest casualties and the greatest damage occurred in Nablus, Lydda, Ramleh and Jerusalem. The roads in Palestine suffered little damage.

In Trans-jordania, 62 persons were killed, while 102 were injured. The survey of the damage to houses has not been completed, but the effect of the shock has been most severe in Amman, the capital of Trans-jordania, and in several other towns.