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Anti-semites Mobilize Forces Against Modification of Numerus Clausus

Poster Placarded In Budapest With Count Teleky’s Cooperation (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

All the dark forces of anti-Semitism, racial and religious bigotry, are being mobilized to combat the proposed modification of the numerus clausus law limiting the number of Jewish students.

In a poster placarded today on the streets of Budapest the anti-Semitic student body declares that the retaining of the numerus clausus is a condition sine qua non for the Hungarian nation. It is interesting to note that the poster was dstributed with the cooperation of Count Teleki.

The bill for the proposed modification of the law was considered yesterday at a meeting of the Council of Ministers. The bill provides for the creation of several categories of students who are to have preference for admission to the universities. Children of government officials will belong to the first category, children of war veterans and army officers will constitute the second. The third category will include the children of peasants and of the small artisans.