Blames Congregations for Intellectual Decline
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Blames Congregations for Intellectual Decline

(Jewish Dally Bulletin)

Declining intellectuality among the clergy is due to congregations, Rabbi Edward L. Israel said in a sermon at Har Sinai Temple. In connection with his views he discussed two recent novels, “Elmer Gantry,” by Sinclair Lewis, and “Death Comes to the Archbishop,” by Willa Cather.

Congregations admire the intellectual clergyman, but they do not want-to listen to him, Dr. Israel said.

“The intellectual minister,” he continued, “is usually kicked upstairs into a theological school while the encouragement of the public approbation goes to the sensationalist who delights huge congregations with sermons on such subjects as ‘Would You Like Your Mother to Go in Bathing without Stockings?'”