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Mussolini Tells Roumania Press That Fascism is Opposed to Anti-semitism

Il Duce Terms Anti-Semitic Bias Product of Barbarism (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Fascism and anti-Semitism are diametrically opposed to each other and the attempts of German nationalists to clothe their anti-Semitism in the garb of Fascism is absurd. Mussolini declared to a delegation of Roumanian press representatives received by him at Rome.

The “Adeverul.” Roumanian newspaper quotes the Italian Premier as saying that Fascism was not for export. “Fascist anti-Semitism or anti-Semitic Fascism is an absurdity. We have been much amused by the efforts of the anti-Semites in Germany and elsewhere to associate Fascism with anti- Semitism. Fascism seeks unity; anti-Semitism seeks destruction and separation. We protest against these attempts which compromise Fascism. Anti-Semitism is a product of Barbarism to which our movement is diametrically opposed. If we are to exclude Jews, we will only strengthen our enemies,” Mussolini stated.