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Government Planning Commission To Prepare Detailed Plan (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

In connection with the ## anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Council of People’s Commissaries of the White Russian Republic has issued a decree dealing with the further promotion of agriculture and industry among the Jews of the country. In approving the report submitted to it by the Ministry of Agriculture with regard to the land settlement of the Jews, the Council of People’s Commissaries declares that taking into consideration the special historic conditions obtaining among the Jewish population in the towns and the results which have been achieved so far in the work of Jewish land settlement and industrial co-operation, the Government feels that it is necessary to start in the course of the present year a systematic work of settlement among the urban Jewish population.

The Government Planning Commission is instructed to prepare within the course of the next two months a fully detailed plan of work providing for the following measures: Agrarian settlement in the towns by means of the establishment of land-funds, areas for agriculture, gardening, dairy-farming, etc., strengthening of the work of the industrial co-operatives and organization of various industrial undertakings, and the provision of building materials, and credit facilities. The Government Planning Commission is required also to select a number of towns in which to start work on these lines during the course of the present year. The plan must be submitted to the Council of People’s Commissaries for ratification before January 1.