Lodz Jewish Weavers Taught to Use Modern Machines
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Lodz Jewish Weavers Taught to Use Modern Machines

(J. T. A. Mall Service)

Steps directed toward transferring the Jewish weavers of Lodz, the textile center of Poland, from hand weaving to power weaving have been decided on at a Conference of Jewish social workers held in Lodz, representatives being present from the Joint Distribution Committee office in Warsaw.

A sum of money has been allocated for the purpose. The decision is of tremendous importance for the hundreds of thousands of Jews in Lodz who are engaged in the textile industry. In recent years, with the increase in the use of power machines in the textile industry in Poland, large numbers of Jewish weavers, who are able to work only the hand looms, have been thrown out of employment. The initiators of the new movement will set up classes to teach the Jewish hand weavers to adapt themselves to working the power machines.

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