Pro-falasha Committee Formed in Palestine
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Pro-falasha Committee Formed in Palestine

(J. T. A. Mail Service)

The formation of a Palestine organization to establish contact with the primitive Jews in Abyssinia, Heibar, in Nejd, where it is said there is a Nomadic tribe of Jews, and in other places, was decided on at a dinner given in Tel Aviv by Dr. Hausner, the commercial representative of the Polish Government in Palestine, in honor of Dr. Faitlovich, of the Pro-Falasha Committee. Chaim Nachman Bialik. Mr. Bloch, the Mayor of Tel Aviv, Dr. Hausner and Chief Rabbi Usiel have been charged with the establishment of the organization.

“The Falashas.” Dr. Faitlovich stated, “are Caucasians. Their features are Semitic, but they are somewhat darker than the Jews of India.” As a result of Dr. Faitlovich’s activity, pro-Falasha committees have been formed in America and other countries to raise funds for work among the Falashas and to enable some of the younger Falashas to obtain scholarships in Palestine and other countries to be trained as leaders and teachers in Abyssinia.

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