27 Chalutzim Families Come to Crimea from Palestine
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27 Chalutzim Families Come to Crimea from Palestine

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Twenty-seven Chalutzim families who were members of the Palestinian pioneer legion, Gdud Ha’Avodah. arrived in Odessa several days ago to settle on the land.

The Ozet, society for settling Jews on the land in Russia, has interested itself in the plan of these Chalutzim and has ordered its Odessa branch to provide them with means for proceeding to Crimea, where, it is stated, land is prepared for them in Saki.

The first Jewish Village Council was officially opened today in Bureya, Siberia, where Jewish settlers are being colonized under the auspices of the Ozet. The first credit kassa and cooperative was also opened.

A decision to participate in the colonization work undertaken in Bureya was reached by the Russian Ort.

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