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Non-jews to Know More of Jewish Purity Laws As Cancer Prevention

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

–The opinion that the non-Jewish population should receive the opportunity through wide propaganda of learning the value of the Jewish religious laws concerning family life and sex hygiene, was voiced at the International Cancer Congress in session here, following the presentation of a paper by Dr. Moses Sourasky on the subject of cancer diseases among Jews.

Dr. Sourasky maintained that the low incidence of cancer of the sexual organs among Jewish women is due to the fact that the observance of the religious laws of purity act as a disease-preventing factor.

Col. Freemantle, M. P., presiding at the session, declared after the paper had been submitted, that Dr. Sourasky for the first time demonstrated that the Jews as a race have neither immunity nor a predisposition to cancer. “The fact that Jewish women have such low incidence of cancer because of the observance of religious purity laws may be an important clew to finding the cause of cancer,” he stated.