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Former Ukrainian Minister Under Petlura Discovered in Peasant Ranks

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Pinchas Krasny, former Minister for Jewish Affairs under Petlura, was discovered as a peasant laborer when he appeared at the convention of peasant laborers meeting here.

Krasny delivered an address as a delegate to the convention. The praesidium of the convention was asked by a delegate whether it knew that Krasny was a former Minister of Ataman Petlura.

Krasny replied that it was true he was a minister in the Petlura government. He stated he now works in the fields and is a member of the Union of Field Laborers who delegated him to the convention to represent the section of unemployed workers.

The delegation of unemployed workers was ordered to exclude Krasny from its representation to the convention and an investigation was ordered to ascertain how Krasny had succeeded in becoming a union member.