Dr. Leon Harrison, Noted Rabbi, Suicide Under Subway Train
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Dr. Leon Harrison, Noted Rabbi, Suicide Under Subway Train

Rabbi Leon Harrison of the Temple Israel, St. Louis, leaped to his death Saturday in front of an I. R. T. subway train at the 116th Street and Broadway station.

Death apparently was instantaneous. The body was wedged against the platform in such a manner that the train crew could not extricate it and traffic was held up for twenty-five minutes.

Police Emergency Crew No. 2 freed the body. In the dead man’s pockets were papers that identified him as Dr. Leon Harrison of St. Louis. There was also a local address which indicated that he was residing temporarily at 417 Riverside Drive.

Dr. Harrison was for more than thirty-five years rabbi of Temple Israel in St. Louis. His first charge was in Brooklyn, where he presided at Temple Israel.

Dr. Harrison was a native of Liverpool, England, but came to this country when ten years old.

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