Vienna Jews Prepare for New Kehillah Elections
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Vienna Jews Prepare for New Kehillah Elections

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

New elections to the Board of the Vienna Kehillah will take place on December 2.

The Vienna Kehillah being one of the best organized Jewish communal institutions in Europe, is the center of much strife among the various Jewish groups and parties. The forthcoming election will witness a bitter contest as contrary to the conditions which prevailed during the last elections, the various Jewish parties refused this time to unite in one bloc. When the voters went to the polls last time, the Zionists, the Agudists and the Union of Austrian Jews were united against the opposition of the Social Democrats and the Poale Zion. The Mizrachi submitted its own list. This time the parties prefer to test their strength on separate tickets. The Zionist party is urging that the supporters of Dr. Weizmann, the Revisionists and the Radical Zionists unite.

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