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Unnaturalized Roumanian Jews Not Considered As Aliens Who Must Register

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Unnaturalized Roumanian Jews, constituting a large group of the so-called “men without a country,” particularly in the new provinces annexed to Roumania, do not come under the heading of aliens obliged to register under the recent ordinance issued by the Roumanian authorities.

This interpretation of the ordinance is contained in an article published in the “Curierul Israelite.” The paper simultaneously reports that the Jewish senator, Horiah Carp, received an assurance from the Roumanian government that the status of this category will soon be regulated. The article, which was apparently published for the purpose of easing the minds of those affected, did not have the effect desired as the Roumanian authorities have not made any official statement in this regard changing the general ordinance calling for the registration of all those residents in the country who are not citizens of the kingdom.