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Irresponsibility Rebuked


I am sure that you will allot some space to an expression of the feeling which must be in the hearts of many of your readers in connection with the alarming symptoms of the lack of unity in American Jewry.

In Saturday morning’s “Time.” I read an item to the effect that one, Julius S. Berg. of whom I had no occasion to hear previously as being in any way prominently identified with Jewish affairs, took upon himself the authority to speak in the name of American Jewry in that regrettable and painful incident with the Massena officials. Mr. Berg declares that despite the apology tendered by the Mayor of Massena he must insist upon his removal from office and will instigate legal proceedings to that end. Mr. Louis Marshall, President of the American Jewish Committee, and Dr. Stephen S. Wise, President of the American Jewish Congress, are satisfied with the apologies tendered by the satisfied with the apologies tendered by the Mayor but Mr. Berg is not. Mr. Berg takes it upon himself to “serve” the Jewish people by his own arbitrary action. It is sad enough to see the lack of harmony among the leading Jewish national organizations as exemplified by the independent and parallel actions of the American Jewish Congress and the American Jewish Committee.

For the Jewish community to offer to the outside world the spectacle of disorganization in matters which are of vital concern to the Jewish community as a whole is a situation which, if it will continue to persist, is bound to bring untold harm. That matters in which the most vital Jewish interests are involved are exploited by an irresponsible individual whose aim can be nothing else than to push himself into the limelight is a procedure which must be severely condemned by all right-thinking Jews.

Very truly yours,