Chassidic Rabbi Objects to Moving Picture Film
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Chassidic Rabbi Objects to Moving Picture Film

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Objection to moving picture films as offending the sensibilities of certain groups, has spread to Poland.

Rabbi Mordecai Arter of Gora Kalwarjia, the Gerer Rebbe, made strong presentations to the Polish motion picture company which produced a moving picture depicting the part played by Polish Jews in the rebellion of 1863, based on the novel of the American Jewish writer, J. Opatoschu. The Rabbi objected in particular to those scenes where the life of the Kotzker Rebbe was depicted, and asked for their elimination.

The school of the Gerer Chassidism was a branch of the Chassidic school inaugurated by the Kotzker Rebbe, regarding whose life many tales and legends are current.