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Welcomes Conference Decisions on Agency

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Greater impetus to the Palestine rebuilding work will result from the decisions of the Non-Zionist Conference on Palestine held in New York, declares the Yiddish Zionist daily, “Der Hajnt,” in commenting on the conference.

Three features of the conference entitle Zionists to be satisfied with the results, the paper declares. The first is the indication given that earnest consideration will be accorded to the demand of the Zionist Actions Committee for changes in the report of the Joint Palestine Survey Commission, including the possibility of the further existence of the Jewish National Fund and the development of the Kvuzoth; the second is the admission of the possibility for the growth by immigration of the Jewish population in Palestine during the next twenty years to 500,000, which corresponds to the Zionist aspirations; the third, is the general enthusiasm exhibited at the Non-Zionist Conference for the rebuilding of Palestine, the paper states.