Brandeis Instrumental in Hoover’s Appointment As Relief Administrator
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Brandeis Instrumental in Hoover’s Appointment As Relief Administrator

Louis D. Brandeis, Justice of the United States Suprerne Court, was instrumental in bringing about the appointment by President Wilson of Herbert Hoover to his first post as relief administrator in Belgium during the World War, it is revealed by Mr. Hoover’s biographer, William Allen White.

According to Mr. White, Mr. Hoover, one day after he had returned from Europe at the beginning of the World War, abandoned his large business affairs and went to Washington to seek an opportunity to aid humanity at that time in the throes of the World War.

Mr. Hoover’s first experience in Washington was disappointing and he was about to return to Europe. He then met Louis D. Brandeis to whom he related his experiences and his disappointment. Justice Brandeis then went to President Wilson and advised him that Hoover was one of those men who should be drawn into the work. President Wilson called Mr. Hoover to the position of administrator of the relief work in Belgium which was the beginning of his success

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