Religious Persecutions in Russia Follow High-holiday Anti-jewish Riots
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Religious Persecutions in Russia Follow High-holiday Anti-jewish Riots

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The anti-Jewish persecutions carried on in connection with the High Holidays continue, according to reports received here.

Many labor clubs were closed during the High Holiday, it now becomes known. The clubs which remained open, were empty on the holidays.

In the village Dukar, two Communists, Cohn and Freed, leaders in the local labor club, will be tried for participation in the holiday services. They will be tried on the charge of having attended religious services. The evidence presented against them by the Yevsektzia, Jewish Section of the Communist Party, is that they were honored with the reading of passages from “Atho Horeiso” at the Simchas Torah celebration.

The entire Comsomol. Communist Youth organization, in the town Shazk, headed by the manager of the club, will be tried on similar charges.

It is expected that many students of the Pedagogical Institute at Minsk, who went home for the holidays, will be expelled from the Institute, the reports state.

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