Anti-semitic Riots Brfak out at Cluj University; Medical School Closed
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Anti-semitic Riots Brfak out at Cluj University; Medical School Closed

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

An attempt to cause anti-Semitic student riots at the University of Clausenberg (Cluj) Monday morning was suppressed immediately. The medical school of the University was closed because of the disturbance which originated in the anatomical institute.

In the afternoon, Juliu Maniu, Prime Minister, arrived in Clausenberg, where he resides. In a statement he issued, the new Prime minister declared that he will hold the Mayor of the town personally responsible for the slightest anti-Semitic disturbances in the city.

The new turn in the situation was indicated during a reception of a students’ delegation by the new Minister of the Interior, Wojdawod. The delegation requested the Minister of the Interior to prohibit the anti-Semitic agitation which is being carried on by individual students who are the leaders of the anti-Semitic ring. The Minister promised to personally visit all university towns next week in order to take steps for guaranteeing complete peace and order in the coleges.

Nicholas Titulescu, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is returning to his diplomatic post abroad, conferred with leaders of the student groups before his depature and with the president of the Bucharest Kehillah, former Senator Bercovici.

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