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26 Hurt in Riot over Search for Anti-semitic Quarters in Transylvania

Twenty-six persons were injured in what virtually amounted to a battle between the members of the National Peasant Party and a group of peasants who are followers of the anti-Semitic Cuza party.

The riot occurred in Tschirschia, Transylvania, where the authorities sent a detachment of police to search into the activities of the district physician, Eugen Grapini. Dr. Grapini was charged with spreading anti-Semitic propaganda in the region. Advised of the forthcoming search, he summoned several hundred of the local peasants to prevent the investigating commission, headed by Dr. Paschiota, to make the search. When the news spread that an anti-Semitic peasant group is protecting the house of Dr. Grapini an equal number of peasants of the National Peasant Party rallied to the aid of Dr. Paschiota. A riot ensued and a military detachment from Clausenberg had to be called out to restore order.

The Ministry of the Interior issued a statement today declaring that it ordered an investigation into the occurrence at Tschitschia.