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Chief Rabbi of Hungary Marks 75th Birthday

Rabbi Dr. Imanuel Loew, famous Hebrew scholar, Chief Rabbi of Szegedin and one of the two representatives of the Jewish faith in the Hungarian Upper House, celebrated his 75th birthday. A few months ago, in September, he completed fifty years of office as Rabbi, having succeeded his father. Rabbi Leopold Loew, in the post. He is a descendant of the famous Chief Rabbi Loew of Prague, with whom the Golem legend is associated.

Chief Rabbi Loew is the author of a large number of learned works, which were issued in 1900 in a collected edition. Among the best known of these is his “Flora of the Jews” and “Fauna of the Jews.” A few years ago his name was thrown into the limelight throughout the whole Jewish world. He was accused by a journalist of haveing given him an interview condemning the Horthy regime in Hungary. He was arrested on a charge of high treason and was for a long time kept in solitary confinement in his home. Eventually, however, it was proved that the statements made against him were invented, and his name was cleared. A violent controversy had been raging meanwhile in Hungary, many important personages rallying to his defence.