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Rosenwald Tells Medical Society He Will Not Abandon Clinic Plan

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A statement that he will not permit the attitude of the Chicago Medical Society to interfere with his plans to help the middle-class public to obtain medical and hospital treatment at reasonable cost was voiced by Julius Rosenwald, Chicago capitalist and internationally known philanthropist, upon his return to Chicago from Arizona.

“I do not wish to take sides in the dispute between the medical society and Dr. Louis E. Schmidt,” Mr. Rosenwald said.

“I wish further that it be understood that I have no ‘official’ information. I say now merely that I have had various statements brought to my attention to the effect that the Chicago Medical Society is opposed to the further extension of facilities whereby persons of moderate means may obtain medical attention and hospital care at prices within their reach.

“I do not know as a matter of established fact that such statements are true.

“But if they are true, then I will say this:

“The attitude of the Chicago Medical Society will make no difference in my plans for ‘pay’ clinics to be established under the fund that I have set aside for that purpose.

“Obviously, if the attitude of the medical society has been erroneously reported, there is no need for me to say anything.

“I have no desire nor intention to interfere in the internal affairs of the Chicago Medical Society, nor in the private affairs of any of its members. I am not taking sides with or against Dr. Schmidt, nor with or against the society. Please make that clear.

“I have established a fund to assist persons in moderate circumstances to obtain adequate medical attention and hospital care at prices within their means. My plans concerning this fund were formulated only after long and serious consideration of present day problems from every angle and every standpoint.

“I believe that those plans safeguard the welfare of the physician, the nurse and the hospital no less than that of the patient.

“It is not my intention to set up a machine that will harm, either professionally or financially, any doctor, nurse or hospital. My plan simply is this-to assist persons in moderate circumstances to pay their doctor’s and nurse’s and hospital bills,” Mr. Rosenwald stated.

The trustees of the Charity Fund founded by Sir Sassoon David, Bt. of Bombay, have given a further sum of £5,000 which, together with their previous donation, makes a total of £10,000 towards the Holland Park Synagogue, London. The synagogue, which was consecrated in December last, bears the name Kenesseth Sassoon David, after the late Baronet.

Morris Gest, well-known American Jewish theatrical producer, announced in an advertisement in the metropolitan Sunday newspapers that he has “the great privilege and honor to announce a limited engagement of the original world-famous Freiburg ‘Passion Play,’ direct from Freiburg. Baden.”

The advertisement states that the Passion Play will be staged “under the personal direction of David Belasco, who has volunteered his services, without any compensation whatsoever, in assisting the Passion Players with their American presentation.”

An inquiry at the office of Louis Marshall, president of the American Jewish Committee, brought the reply that Mr. Marshall has received no response to his two letters to Mr. Gest, in which the propriety of the production of the Passion Play under Jewish auspices was seriously questioned.

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