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American Zionists to Honor Herzl Through Memorial Issue

The Zionists of America will honor the memory of Theodor Herzl on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death by issuing a special number of “The New Palestine,” official organ of the Zionist Organization of America, according to an announcement made by Mrs. Archibald Silverman. Chairman of the Herzl Memorial Number Committee.

A special feature of the Herzl Memorial Issue will be a new translation and condensation of Theodor Herzl’s famous diaries, which will make available in English a comprehensive summary of the autobiography of the founder of the Zionist movement. This has been undertaken by Maurice Samuel, author of “You Gentiles,” and “I the Jew.”

In a tentative table of contents made public by Meyer W. Weisgal, editor of “The New Palestine,” it is stated that some of the foremost writers, Jewish and non-Jewish, will contribute to the issue. Among those whose contributions will appear are Steian Zweig, Sil-Vara. Maria della Grazia. Nobel Prize winner. Martin Buber, King Ferdinand of Bulgaria. Max Brod, and Dr. Arthur Ruppin. A special section of this issue will also be devoted to a review of the past twenty-five years of general Jewish and Zionist history. The record of general Jewish history will be written by Prof. Simon Dubnow. Dr. Arthur Ruppin is writing a history of this period in Palestine.

Committees are now being formed by prominent Zionists throughout the country to make possible a circulation of 100,000 copies of the Herzl Memorial issue. The following have been appointed as chairmen of State and Regional Committees to stimulate interest in the Herzl Memorial Number: New York State, Jonah J. Goldstein, chairman; New England States. Henry Yozell, chairman, Benjamin Marcus, secretary: Connecticut, Hyman Jacobs, chairman; Rhode Island. Bernard M. Goldowsky, chairman. Jonas Goldenberg, secretary; Atlantic Seaboard States, Mrs. John Safer, chairman; Maryland, Rabbi Edward Israel, chairman. The other members of the National Committee are Joseph Weiss, treasurer: Sidney Ross, secretary, and Wm. B. Leaf.