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H. L. Selig Returns from Palestine

Harris L. Selig, former executive director of the Yeshiva College Building Fund, returned on the steamer Berlin from an extended trip to Europe and Palestine. During his stay abroad Mr. Selig visited France, Germany, Poland, Italy and Palestine.

On arrival in New York Mr. Selig stated to the “Jewish Daily Bulletin” representative that most American Jews have an erroneous impression of things Palestinian. Often one hears criticism of the faults in Palestinian work. A visit, however, convinces one that the emphasis on faults is misplaced, for the Jewish work in Palestine possesses all the characteristics of Jewish accomplishments. Even the faults are Jewish, he said.

In the educational field Mr. Selig stated there has been a remarkable development. Thirty-six per cent of the school children are now attending the Orthodox schools maintained by the Mizrachi Organization and there is a growing appreciation of the traditional type of schools conducted along modern lines.