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Anti-semitic Student Riots Occur at the University of Graz As Dean Looks on

The general meeting of the student body at the University of Graz, held in the university hall, was thrown into turmoil and transformed into an anti-Semitic series of excesses. In the middle of the proceedings, the cry was raised, “Out with the Jews.” “Only Aryans may participate.”

When the Jewish students refused to leave the hall, feeling that they are as good a part of the student body as any others, they were surrounded by the “Aryan knights” and forcibly ejected. Dean Martinack, who was present, loked on calmly, without uttering a word of protest. Even the Jewish girl students were not spared.

The Socialist student group attempted to protect the Jewish students, but when their efforts failed, they left the hall as a sign of protest against the outrage.