Sabbath Alliance Opposes Sunday Blue Law in Nation’s Capital
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Sabbath Alliance Opposes Sunday Blue Law in Nation’s Capital

Strenuous opposition to steps planned by the Lord’s Day Alliance toward securing a Sunday closing law for Washington, D. C, was decided upon at a meeting of the executive committee of the Jewish Sabbath Alliance at a special meeting.

“The Jewish Sabbath Alliance will do all in its power to oppose this proposed legislation because such a law would cause great hardships for the conscientious seventh-day observing businessmen, not only in Washington, but in the entire country as well, for the various States of the Union would be apt to follow the example of Washington,” stated William Rosenberg, executive secretary. “However, we will withdraw the opposition if adequate provision will be made to exempt these religionists from its operation. A communication was sent to the Lord’s Day Alliance asking whether or not such provision will be made and until a reply comes from the advocates of a stricter Sunday Law, the Jewish Sabbath Alliance will withhold taking any steps in this matter.”

In the State of New York, the Alliance is gathering signatures to a petition to the Governor, Senate and Assembly requesting them to grant legislative relief from the existing Sunday Laws for those who do not work or do business on the seventh day.

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