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Volkist Leaders Acknowledge Program of Palestine Work

A further triumph for the Palestine work idea was seen here with the publication of a message addressed to the International Committee for Working Palestine by four leaders of the Jewish Volkspartei, Peoples Party, which has a considerable following in East European countries.

Professor Simon Dubnow, the Jewish historian, Lazki-Bertoldi, Efrojkin and Kreinin, four of the founders of the party, sent a message to the Working Palestine Committee, in which they subscribed to its program. The Peoples Party was founded on the conception that Jewish life must be continued in the Diaspora countries and that the recognition of Yiddish as a national language of the Jewish masses of Eastern Europe must be the goal of Jewish political activities in these countries. Under certain conditions, the Peoples Party was distinctly anti-Zionistic, often coming in conflict with those Zionists who were active in local politics.