Gruenbaum Fined by Zionist Congress Court
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Gruenbaum Fined by Zionist Congress Court

Issac Gruenbaum, Polish Zionist die-hard opposition leader, was fined 100 Zlotys in the dispute which arose between him and his political opponent, Dr. Leon Reich of Lemberg, during the recent political campaign in Poland. The fine was imposed by the Zionist Congress Court to which both submitted their complaint.

The “trial” lasted two hours and was held in the presence of a large audience. The Court found that Gruenbaum was guilty of insulting Dr. Reich and other members of the Club of Jewish Deputies in the Polish Sejm who disagreed with him on political questions. Gruenbaum was also ordered to pay the costs of the trial.

A trial of a similar nature will take place tomorrow before the Congress Court, which will decide the dispute between Vladimir Jabotinsky, Zionist Revisionist leader, and Mr. Romano of Sofia.

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