Stimson Replies to Congressman Celler
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Stimson Replies to Congressman Celler

Representative Emanuel Celler made public a telegram from Secretary of State Stimson in answer to a request made by the Congressman for the United States Government to protect American interests in Palestine. The telegram read:

“I have received your telegrams of August 23 and 24. The Consul-General at Jerusalem on August 24 was required to give adequate protection to American citizens and their property. Yesterday the State Department instructed him to emphasize with the competent authorities their responsibility for such protection.

“This morning, in view of the loss of American lives at Hebron, the Embassy at London has been instructed to express to the Foreign Office the Government’s earnest hope that immediate and comprehensive steps will be taken for the restoration of order and for the protection of lives and property of American citizens in Palestine. Latest telegrams received by the Department report the arrival of British troops and indicate an improvement in the situation at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.”

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