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American Jewish Committee Urges Calm in Present Palestine Tribulation

A statement issued yesterday by the American Jewish Committee, following the return of Dr. Cyrus Adler from Europe, revealed that the Committee had intervened with the United States Department of State on Monday regarding the Palestine events, asking the government that it indicate to the British government how profoundly disturbed they were and urging the government to take such additional measures as would ensure the protection of the Jewish inhabitants of the Holy Land.

An emergency meeting of the Committee was held Wednesday morning, and the following statement was issued:

“An emergency meeting of the American Jewish Committee was held August 28 to consider the outrages in Palestine. Dr. Cyrus Adler, who returned last night from abroad, presided. Based on a radio communication received from him Monday afternoon, Morris D. Waldman, Secretary of the Committee, has sent to the State Department a telegram and a confirmatory letter, in which the United States government was urged to make known to the British government its intense grief these happenings have aroused in the hearts of millions of American citizens, whose attachment to the Holy Land is one of their most cherished traditions, and who view with profound disappointment and sorrow the fact that in spite of tension known to have existed for some time, the unfortuntae outbreak was not averted. The telegram concludes with the suggestion that, in order to prevent possible spread of anti-Jewish excesses in other countries where Jews and Moslems live, the United States government bring to the attention of the governments of such countries the desirability of taking necessary precautionary measures. The Committee further indicates to the State Department that it is imperative to inform the British government how profoundly disturbed they are over these unfortunate events and urged the government to take such additional measures as would insure the protection of the Jewish inhabitants of the Holy Land.

“The Committee fully understands and profoundly sympathizes with the intense indignation and sorrow which have been aroused among the entire Jewish population of the United States by the outrages committed in the Holy Land. At the same time the Committee is reliably assured that the British government is now employing all available means to restore order and tranquillity in that country. The Committee knows also that the government of the United States is keenly alive to the situation and to its sense of responsibility for the protection of the lives and property of American citizens. Nevertheless the Committee will continue its vigilance and will take such further steps as may be called for by ensuing events.

“The Committee believes it the part of wisdom for the Jewish people to meet this new tribulations with as much calmness and self-restraint as are possible under the distressing circumstances, feeling confident that no effort will be spared to obtain the fullest cooperation of both the governments of Great Britain and the United States to the restoration of order and the protection of life and property,” the statement declared.