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2,500 Hear Jabotinsky at London Protest Meeting

While two thousand stood outside the meeting hall, twenty-five hundred men and women attended a meeting of protest called by the Zionist Revisionists here.

Addresses were delivered by Vladimir Jabotinsky. Meer Grossman and Richard Lichtheim. Hundreds wept as Jabotinsky described the horrors which have occurred in Palestine. Exciting scenes occurred outside the Hall. The police had much difficulty to maintain order.

An appeal was issued by the League of Zionist Revisionists today: “We implore every human being. Christian and Jews, to use his utmost endeavors immediately to stop the Palestine government’s disarming of Jews, while murder and looting continue and the troops are obviously unable to quell the disorders. All efforts today must concentrate on this question of life or death. Palestine Jews are cut off by the censorship from communicating with the outer world. This S. O. S. is sent in their name.” The appeal was signed by Vladimir Jabotinsky. Meer Grossman and Richard Lichtheim.